Budapest attractions you have to visit

  1. Budapest Eye

    Do you think that only London has a big Eye? You are absolutely wrong! Budapest also offers a big wheel for tourists. It can be found on the Erzsébet square and its highest point is 65 m tall. This height provides an amazing view of the capital city: you can see the River Danube with the sailing ships, the Castle, or the towers of the several churches. A ticket includes 3 rounds.

  2. The House of the Hungarian Parliament

    This imposing building of the Hungarian Parliament is one of the symbols of Budapest. It was designed by Imre Steindl. All parts of it are interesting but most visitors would like to see the Hungarian Holy Crown and Coronation Insignia in the Dome Hall. They are the oldest crown jewels of Europe!

  3. Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

    The huge zoo introduces animals from both our geographical region and far lands. Lots of tourists state that the House of Butterflies is their favorite item where you can walk among several hundreds of butterflies. They represent 21 tropical species! Not only the animals but also the plants are interesting there; the palm house is absolutely worth visiting.

  4. Gellért Bath

    Among 11 baths of Budapest, you can find both strands and thermal baths. In this latter group, there are some historical buildings such as the Gellért Bath. Its thermal water can cure diseases of the skeleton, the cardiovascular and also the pulmonary system. Moreover, the building itself with its statues and colorful glass windows is marvelous.

  5. Museum of Fine Arts

    This museum exhibits more than one thousand works from all ages of European art. You can enjoy paintings from talented artists such as Raffaello, Leonardo, Dürer, Goya, or Monet. The Hungarian works mostly are in the National Gallery but several items can be found here.

  6. Ruin bars

    If you prefer cool places to eat out or drink a beer with your friends, choose one of Budapest’s ruin bars! The oldest one is called Szimpla. Despite its name, it offers several extra services such as an interesting market on Sundays where you can buy craft food or drinks. The decoration consists of old toys, bikes, and bits of Trabants which were old cars in Eastern Europe.

  7. Sky tram called ’Libegő’

    If you prefer extreme vehicles, don’t miss the Libegő! It was built in 1970 and you can travel from Zugliget to János Hill on it if the weather Budapest is not rainy. The whole trip lasts 12 minutes and it’s one of the most fun things to do in Budapest.

  8. Margaret Island

    You can find several sights there. If you are interested in history, visit the ruins of the medieval monasteries. Do you prefer running or just relaxing in a wonderful natural environment? No problem, the Margaret Island offers all opportunities! The fountain plays music. In 2017, the list of songs was refreshed and besides the delightful tunes, you can enjoy the marvelous lights of a LED-show at nightfall. Arrive to the island with a Budapest river cruise and enjoy the new perspective you get from this beautiful city while floating on the Danube!

  9. St Stephen Bazilika

    This is one of the highest buildings in the country (it’s 96 m) and also the most significant site of King St Stephen’s cult who founded the Hungarian state. It’s important as a historic monument, too: inside you can adore lots of statues and paintings, made by the most talented artists of the 19th century.

  10. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

    Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the first permanent bridge in Budapest over the River Danube. We recommend flashing a glance to the stone lions in front of the bridge and checking their tongues. According to the urban legend, they truly have it!

  11. Buda Castle

    This castle was rebuilt, renovated and completed multiple time during the centuries. The first version was like a fortress and was built in the 14th century. Later, it became more and more glorious, and now the castle is the part of the World Heritage since 1987.

  12. Opera House

    If you like operas or ballets, buy a ticket for one of its performances. It’ll be an eternal memory not only due to the talented actors and actresses but also due to the building itself. This imposing building was designed by Miklós Ybl in neo-renaissance style in the 19th century. The interior also decorated with several frescos and gilding.

  13. Tomb of Gül baba

    It’s the northernmost Muslim place of pilgrimage. It’s still working so as a tourist you can’t go to the tomb itself but you can watch the wooden coffin through a grid. A few roses always lie on it because Gül baba was also known as the ‘Father of roses’. He was a dervish in the 16th century.

  14. Danubius Fountain

    It’s worth seeking less-known places – they can be truly charming! This fountain is an excellent example of it. The male statue portrays Neptun (the ancient Roman god of sees and rivers) while the three female statues portray three rivers: Tisza, Dráva, and Száva.

  15. River Danube

    Visiting the river of Budapest is absolutely a must-have program. If Budapest weather allows it, book a dinner cruise. A trip on the waves alloys multiple pleasures: you can enjoy the panorama of the Hungarian capital city, Danube cruise budapest with folklore and operetta show or an interesting piano performance called Budapest dinner cruise with Piano battle show, and a delicious meal at the same time.